Blizzard promised us that new developments regarding look over would appear during the Gamescom2016, especially with the reveal of the trailer for the next Bastion short. Today, the publisher unveils a trailer for “Oak forest“, the next Overwatch map.

This new map will be set in a German castle near Stuttgart and will be linked to history. In fact, Eichenwalde was the site of one of the biggest battles, the Omnium Crisis, in which Balderic van Alder, the leader of the Crusaders, and some of his best soldiers fought against an army of automatons. They all died during this confrontation, but their efforts were not in vain.

As you can see in the trailer below, it will bean attack/escort map that implements a drawbridge system and some new concepts. No release date has been given for this new card, but we’ll definitely have some answers Thursday at 6pm

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