Overwatch’s competitive mode has been significantly improved for Season 2.

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We tested how Blizzard’s changes work in Overwatch Competitive.

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After the release of Overwatch, everyone was obsessed with simple no-stakes shooting for a while, but as time went on, players got pretty impatient with the introduction of competitive mode. Perhaps because of the rush, the inclusion of the more serious mode didn’t go over well, but as is typical of Blizzard, significant changes to the game mode were made based on fan feedback which is a huge improvement.

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No more sudden death!

Some obvious issues, like returning heroes, were addressed by the creators even before season 2, but we had to wait until the beginning of season 2 for the biggest scare, sudden death, to go away. This led to a game that ended in a tie, which can be a strange experience without catharsis, but it’s the best way to go.

Also, with more matches decided during the normal two rounds of Overwatch’s competitive mode, the creators noticeably responded to fan complaints that season one’s matches were taking too long with a hussar clip.

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No more falling on the leaderboard!

Blizzard has also been particularly effective in combating the phenomenon called Ladder Fear, which means that many people choose not to play in competitive mode in order not to lose the rank they have achieved. On the one hand, as opposed to the not-so-encouraging percentage on the five-thousand scale, if you win or lose about thirty Elo points after a game, it seems much smaller that it doesn’t make you feel like the position you fought with can slip out of your hands within a few rounds. .

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Also, the new leagues available to Overwatch players (ranging from Bronze to Grandmaster) only let you level up before you reach a certain level where the big dogs actually play. So anyone up to the Diamond category can boldly compete again and try to climb the ranks, we no longer have to worry about falling back into the embarrassment of the Bronze competition. The situation is further improved by the subtle design feature that shows the game only with a chill vili animation after a victory, as the number indicating our skill increases, with a decrease the new value appears easily and relatively painlessly.

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The community has become a step better

And the two changes in particular made the game a little less cramped in Season 2. Of course, there are still times when a player gets too frustrated with the game’s stakes, and yes, there are still teams that would rather argue with each other than focus on the game. But in my experience the situation is much better than in the first season. Maybe I just got lucky.

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There are also far fewer matches that end with uneven teams, thanks to the harsher punishment expected of Overwatch players who leave matches. All in all, the chance of coming into competitive play screaming and running back to fast play is much less, which is a huge improvement.

Overwatch's competitive mode has been significantly improved for Season 2

How has the second season been for you so far? Write it in the comments!

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We still have a lot to tell you, here you will find everything interesting!

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  • Look: 24/05/2016

Overwatch's competitive mode has been significantly improved for Season 2