Everything we know about Overwatch 2 so far.

At this point we can say that overlook 2 this is more of a reality than a rumor. We can say it is a foregone conclusion. Rumors are everywhere, and it’s more than likely that BlizzCon 2019 will bring us what we call Overwatch 2. There are many indications that point to this announcement and in this article we want to summarize the most important ones. Once the Blizz Con 2019 and the announcement is made that we all know this is going to happen, we will face each other if we were wrong or right.

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An open secret amplified

Before we start talking about the alleged Overwatch 2, let’s get something straight: Blizzard has not confirmed any of the rumors we reveal below, therefore we ask you not to perceive them in any way. Treat them for what they are: rumors, some more likely than others. As soon as this aspect is clarified, we will start to start the breadcrumbs that Blizzard can leave us.

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Blizzard’s website briefly showed what to a overlook 2 art. Although it was quickly removed, many users were quick and quick. In this art we see Brigitte, Mei, Genji, Mercy, Reinhardt, Tracer and Echo. The characters are recognizable, although their appearance has changed slightly, starting with their colors and some details. Of all these characters, this one attracts the most attention Kick out.

Who is Echo?

Echo is a rumored destined to become a character from Overwatch lore hero 32 of the video game. The character previously appeared in the animated short meeting of Overwatch, in which we saw how McCree it reactivates echo. There have been many rumors about his appearance in the short film and according to rumored art leak he may play a major role in Overwatch 2.

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Blizzard’s immediate removal of the artwork is proof of guilt: Overwatch 2 leaked all ballots.

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What could Overwatch 2 be?

The question that completely consumes itself is: What is Overwatch 2 anyway? “A new video game” is the logical answer. However, we believe that it is not that simple. The idea of ​​a new video game leaving Overwatch behind doesn’t strike a chord with gamers as they have invested huge sums of money in skins. This led to rumors of an alternative. Everything points to Overwatch 2 being a new chapter in Overwatch. Do you remember what he did? Fortnite with its chapter 2? Blizzard could be preparing something similar.

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The big one Update or expansion will completely replace Overwatch, but without players losing any content they’ve unlocked so far. In theory, a new engine will be used for the video game, it will include campaign and PVE modes, more maps, modes … Since the only thing you pay for in Overwatch is the aesthetic, this content should be preserved. stay.

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BlizzCon 19: What are the benefits of the virtual ticket?

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Here’s everything we can know about the new Overwatch 2. If you are interested, we advise you not to miss the live broadcast of BlizzCon 2019 on November 1, as we already told you in our post about it Tickets for virtual events. At SamaGame we will be very attentive because this BlizzCon 2019 promises a lot. Overwatch 2 will be developed for current video game platforms.

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What do you think of all these rumours? Do you think they are right? Do you want Overwatch 2 to be like what we described? Tell us in the comments.

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