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ESL FACEIT Group – the first operator of capitalization tournaments

The analytical portal Esports Charts has provided us with another statistical report, which evaluates the tournament operators according to their capitalization. The $ 1.5 billion ESL FACEIT Group has become the clear leader. Recall that Savvy Gaming Group, funded by the Saudi Arabian Investment Fund, announced in January the acquisition of ESL and FACEIT.

Organizing eSports tournaments has become much more difficult since the start of the pandemic, both logistically and financially. And while some organizers are leaving the market, others are adapting to new circumstances: some are moving to an online format (but without sacrificing the number and level of competitions), others are finding ways to experience events with the public. Circumstances. Hard time. Time. And it affects the market price.

The second most valuable tournament operator is PGL, valued at $ 540.5 million. Notably, the organizer is currently running PGL Major Antwerp 2022 and held The International 2021 last year.

Third place went to the $ 314 million Danish tournament operator BLAST, whose organizer is the most famous CS: GO Championship BLAST Premier Series.

TOP-10 tournament operators by capitalization according to eSports rating:

  1. ESL FACEIT Group – $ 1.5 billion
  2. PGL – $ 540.5 million
  3. FAST – $ 314 million
  4. KeSPA – $ 297.7 million
  5. VSPN: $ 280.2 million
  6. Twitch Rivals: $ 245 million
  7. WePlay Esports: $ 206.4 million
  8. Beyond the Summit: $ 168.5 million
  9. Epic Esports Events: $ 160.8 million
  10. IoT Esport: $ 118.4 million

Source: E-Gamers World


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