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Here are all of Sojourn’s skills in Overwatch 2

A new hero has been added for a long time overwatch† But Overwatch 2 Around the corner, Sojourn is finally ready to join the fray as the latest addition to the game’s roster.

Sojourn has been spotting for several years, initially revealed Overwatch 2 He made his BlizzCon debut in 2019. But now we finally got the official confirmation of his skills and full set.

On April 14, Blizzard showed some of Sojourn’s games and revealed all the details of its abilities. The damage hero is looking for a new cartoon character that players will enjoy when it becomes available as part of the game. Overwatch 2 The beta closed on April 26.

The gameplay video above shows all of the new hero’s abilities in action, including the Railgun weapon that is the focus of his entire set. The omnidirectional gun has two kinds of shooting modes and the ultimate weapon is the cool blocking of the gun.

However, odds can change at any time, especially since he is a new hero and Overwatch 2 It is only in beta mode. Some of the game’s characters have been revised and balance changes made, and Sojourn will likely end up experiencing the same.

Here are all the skills of Sojourn Overwatch 2 As they stand now.

Waiting capacities Overwatch 2

rail gun

  • Primary fires: Rapid-fire projectiles that produce energy when fired.
  • Fireplaces used: High shot that consumes stored energy.

power slide

  • A floor slide that can handle a high jump.

violating shot

  • Fire an energy shot that slows and damages the enemies inside.

Latest: Overclocking

  • Railgun energy automatically recharges for a short period of time and charged shots pierce enemies.

Source: Dot Esports


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