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Fortnite brought in more than $20 billion in revenue for Epic Games

Over the course of its existence, Fortnite has generated over $20 billion in revenue for Epic Games.

This amount comes from the profile of “AGBO” Donald Mustard, who recently left Epic Games. He was creative director at Epic Games.

Fortnite started its journey in 2017 and over the past six years has nearly overtaken the Call of Duty series in revenue, which took twelve years to cross the $20 billion revenue threshold. The best period for Fortnite was 2018-2019, in which the game earned Epic Games more than $9 billion. This information became known during the lawsuit between Apple and Epic Games.

Let us remind you that Epic Games continues to update records in its battle royale Fortnite after the start of the OG (Original) season, returning the original map of the first season to the game. Fortnite is a cult phenomenon that currently has more than 650 million players and generates more than $20 billion in revenue.

Previously, Fortnite updated its record for the number of one-time players online.

Source: Cybersport Metaratings


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