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Google discussed the possibility of purchasing Epic Games

New details of the trial between Google and Epic Games have been revealed.

Former Stadia chief Phil Harrison proposed a merger between Google and Tencent to completely buy out Epic Games’ stake. Otherwise, the purchase of 20 percent of the shares for $2 billion was considered.

During the trial, correspondence between Google executives was revealed in which the company planned the creation of its gaming platform.

Stadia chief Phil Harrison wrote in 2018:

I’ve tried to present the high-level strategic case for investing in Epic. Fortnite is Google’s main business driver across the board.

Phil Harrison

Former business development director Dove Sobota also said:

As a possible alternative, Phil suggests that we consider approaching Tencent to either: buy Epic shares from Tencent to gain more control over Epic, or merge with Tencent and buy 100% of Epic shares.

Pigeon Sobota

Tencent currently owns about 40% of Epic Games. Epic is valued at over $31 billion.

Let’s not forget that Google previously offered Epic Games to publish Fornite for $147 million.

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