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The Russian analogue of The Sims will add criminal prosecution for illegal actions

In an interview for the publication Gazeta.Ru, the First Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Education Yana Lantratova told what will happen in the Russian analogue of the life simulator The Sims.

The deputy noted that the game includes administrative and criminal liability:

In the game it is important to reflect the basic principles of civil law, address the topics of taxation, payment of utilities, opening an individual entrepreneur, loans, marriage and registration of benefits. It would be nice to also highlight the problem of corruption and the fight against it. Players must also have the opportunity to commit illegal actions, which will be followed by punishment – in accordance with criminal law or the administrative code. You can also record the reactions of others to crimes: loss of authority, loss of social status. It is better to avoid extreme cruelty.

Yana Lantratova

Previously, deputies of the State Duma from various parties proposed to release in Russia an analogue of the popular simulator The Sims, but with “traditional values.”

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