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A Starfield player found a planet with four biomes at once

Before the release of the space RPG Starfield, the developers said that the game would have more than a thousand planets, which warned players. However, upon release they were revealed to consist of only one or two biomes.

Despite this, there are rare exceptions in the game. So a player nicknamed lavabendingfirelord discovered a planet with four different biomes. To prove this, he showed four screenshots of locations.

All screenshots were taken on the planet Cassiopeia-1, which is filled with various resources and has a safe water level. There are no moons near Cassiopeia 1, but there are eight other planets in the system.


In the comments below the player’s post on Reddit, it appeared that there are about 10 planets in Starfield with more than one or two biomes. Many were surprised by this discovery, as such planets are rare.

The full release of Starfield took place on September 6, 2023 on PC and Xbox Series X/S, as well as on Game Pass. The title received mixed reviews, with critics giving the game higher scores than mainstream players.

Previously, Starfield was the lowest-rated Bethesda game on Steam.

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