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Microsoft unveils October games list for Xbox Game Pass

Microsoft has revealed the lineup of games for the October Xbox Game Pass library.

Gamers can play the heist simulator Payday 3, the soul-like action game Lies of P, the cooperative game Gotham Knights and other titles. There will be a total of 6 games in the library.

October game selection on Game Pass:

  • Lies of P (PC and Xbox, from September 19);
  • Party Animals (PC and Xbox, from September 20);
  • Payday 3 (PC and Xbox series, starting September 21);
  • Cocoon (PC and Xbox, from September 29);
  • Gotham Knights (PC and Xbox series, starting October 3);
  • The Lamplighter’s League (PC and Xbox series, starting October 3).

Previously, Xbox Gaming CEO Phil Spencer proposed a takeover of Nintendo and Valve. Information about this appeared on the Internet, as well as the plans of Microsoft and Bethesda. Spencer noted that he was pleased that the Nintendo organization lacked ambition.

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