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Unity reworked its business model after criticism from the community

Unity held a meeting to discuss the solution to the business model problem.

Information about this was published by Bloomberg. Journalists spoke about changes in the organization’s policies after extensive criticism from the community. Unity management says it will make cautious announcements.

However, the company will cap the commission at 4% of game revenue for customers who earn more than $1 million. However, Unity will only take game installations into account after January 1, 2024. Developers do not have to pay a commission if their games have previously exceeded the threshold, but send data about the number of installations themselves.

On September 18, Unity apologized to the community on social networks. The reason for the scandal was the updated business model. Representatives of the organization proposed creating a commission for installing games for developers.

Let us remind you that Unity released a popular game engine that has been widely used in titles since 2005. The company’s development allows you to create applications that can run on more than 25 different platforms (PC, consoles, etc.).

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