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Atomic Heart 2 is already in development – Mundfish will make the game bigger

The creators of the action shooter Atomic Heart from the Mundfish studio have officially confirmed that the developers have plans to make the second part.

Mundfish co-founder Robert Bagratuni and financial director Evgenia Sedova visited the show “By the way”, hosted by comedians Garik Kharlamov and Azamat Musagaliev. Robert Bagratuni confirmed that the developers have plans for a sequel to Atomic Heart. In addition, he shared some details of the second part.

According to Robert Bagratuni, Atomic Heart 2 will contain much more RPG elements than the first part. As an Easter egg, fans should look out for the Soviet electronic game Wolf Catches Eggs. The developer added that if the player can score 999 points in it the first time, a secret fragment of the cartoon will start for him.

In turn, Evgenia Sedova confirmed that Atomic Heart had fully recouped its development costs, and Robert Bagratuni said he was pleased with the sale. According to some reports, $25 million was spent on the production of the game.

Evgenia Sedova and Robert Bagratuni

Atomic Heart was released on February 21, 2023 on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and Game Pass. The main action of the shooter takes place in the alternate year of 1995, on the territory of Enterprise 3826, a research center of the Soviet Union.

Mundfish is currently working on the first expansion for Atomic Heart – there will be four in total. It is believed that the release of the first DLC will take place in the summer of 2023. The exact data will appear later.

Earlier, Garik Kharlamov shared his impressions about the passage of Atomic Heart.

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