esports chimps announced the disbandment of the PUBG Mobile roster

The esports organization has announced the disbandment of the PUBG Mobile roster.

The announcement was posted on social media. The players of the selection became free agents and left the club by mutual agreement. retains its slot in Europe and will consider options with rosters in other regions.

The team was completed in February 2023. The lineup was represented by Alexey Purp1e Asanov, Monlam OFHAZE Tsydypov, Nelik Folly Prodan and Maxim SINGLE Starovetsky. The coach was Christian-Roman Kompot_trash Korb.

Former PUBG Mobile roster:

  • Alexey Purp1e Asanov;
  • Monlam OFHAZE Tsydypov;
  • Nelik Folly Sold;
  • Maxim SINGLE Starovetsky;
  • Christian-Roman Kompot_trash Korb (coach).

Earlier, gamers from the reddit forum turned to the developers of Valve with a proposal to correct the work of the runes of wisdom in Dota 2.

Source: Cybersport Metaratings


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