OG announced the resignation of JMR Luna as CEO

Esports organization OG announced on social media the resignation of CEO Juan JMR Luna Luna.

The development of the club will be led by Sebastian Ceb Debs and Johan n0tail Sundstein. OG has not specified whether JMR Luna has left for good or will continue to work in another position in the organization. The decision came after months of deliberation.

JMR Luna has been developing the club since June 2020 and hosted the Monkey Business Show podcast on the OG Esports YouTube channel. He joined the organization after the Dota 2 roster’s victories over The International 8 and The International 9.

JMR Luna’s departure from OG was first reported by Blix.gg. However, journalists noted that the former CEO will remain with the club.

Earlier, FaZe Clan announced on social networks the return of Howard Rain Nygard and coach Robert RobbaN Dahlström to the CS:GO starting roster.

Source: Cybersport Metaratings


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