The developers have delayed the release of The Last of Us Part 1 for PC

Studio Naughty Dog on social networks announced the postponement of the release of The Last of Us Part 1 for PC.

The game was originally set to release on Steam on March 3. The developers decided to double check the title for errors and present it to gamers in the best possible way. Studio representatives noted that they had been moved by the support and love of The Last of Us from the community in recent weeks.

Recall that The Last of Us Part 1 was released on the PlayStation 5 in 2022. In the remaster, the developers improved the graphics and models of game characters, reworked the in-game lighting and fixed bugs. The PC release is now scheduled for March 28.

Earlier, the creators of the action-horror Evil Dead: The Game from Saber Interactive released a new update adding the Splatter Royale mode to the game.

Source: Cybersport Metaratings


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