Bratishkin on hate Khovansky and Maddison: are you serious? Are they like opinion leaders?

Streamer Vladimir bratishkinoff Bratishkin spoke about the Gabar Games show especially for He was responding to a hatred of bloggers Yuri Khovansky and Ilya Maddyson Davydov.

Bratishkin shared who is behind the idea of ​​hosting Gabar Games on Twitch and what he himself thinks of the results of the show:

Many mistakenly think that the idea is ours. This is Vadim’s show [Evelone], where he called me as a judge, as well as Dmitry Liks. No, I’m not giving up my presence there, just as a fact that the show isn’t mine. About Maddison and Khovansky. Are you serious? Are they like opinion leaders? Anyone could judge, but certainly not them. We ourselves understood very well that the trash was complete. But I want you to know that this was not planned at all. This distinguishes streams from TV and from YouTube. Here many moments work on improvisation and on unpredictability, when “this” went on – dropping everything, cutting the power and strangling the viewer – catching a hat. No one expected streamers to be so **** [ненормальными].

Vladimir Bratishkinoff Bratishkin

Recall that after the end of the Gabar Games, many participants of the show were blocked on Twitch for inappropriate actions. Vadim Evelone Kozakov was suspended for at least three months.

On January 28, most content creators reported that the Twitch administration lifted the ban on their channels.

Source: Cybersport Metaratings


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