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MTG Esper Midrange dominates Standard meta at New Capenna Championship

The New Capena streets The team shakes up the standard meta, raises Esper Midrange’s top level status to a total of 77 Magic: Gathering Players mention it New Capena Championship this weekend.

Total 223 MTG Players will compete in the Standard and Historic Constructed formats from May 20-22. New Capena Championship. This is the last championship tournament of the season to fill the remaining spots Magic The World Cup is scheduled for later this year. Players submitted a total of two decks for the tournament, one for Historic Construct and one for Standard Construct. A total of 77 players showed up for the standard Esper Midrange, which covers 34.5 per cent of the field.

Here are the eight most popular standards. MTG decks played andNew Capena Championship, according to Frank Carsten and WotC.

  • Esper Midrange: 77 players on 34.5 percent of the field
  • Naia Rooney: 30 players in 13.5 per cent of the field
  • Jeskai Storm: 30 players in 13.5 percent of the field
  • Jund Midrange: 20 players in nine percent of the field
  • Grixis Vampires: 12 players in 5.4 percent of the field
  • Jund Treasures: Nine players in four percent of the field
  • Temur control: Six players in 2.2 percent of the field
  • Izet Mill: five players in 2.2 per cent of the field

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The CNS Elevated Esper Midrange Elevated MTG Decks have the highest level of status, as they focus on three colored shards. Each urinal received a rare land where Esper (WUB) acquired the Raffin Tower, along with the powerful and legendary Sphinx demon named Rafin, a scout.

Using the Connive mechanic CNS, Rafin has become one of the most powerful single cards (along with the Wandering Emperor) in standard format. The Luminarch Aspirant plays a big role in the deck, providing stats on mid-tier creatures, while The Meathook Massacre and The Wandering Emperor deal with aggro decks.

Not much has changed with the Naya Runes design, but Jeskai (WUR) decks have grown in popularity since their release. CNS Installed, he eventually formed Jeskai Storm. The New Capena The Big Score spell provides the necessary card draw and mana ramp via Treasure Token. Along with Goldspan Dragon and Lear, a drowning student, the Jesca Storm deck became the subject of a spell in the standard format.

Lay low is a standard five-color ramp deck called The Kami War, created Arne Hussenbet.

Huschenbeth’s skin is designed for playing mid-level decks with cards like The Kami War and Saga Battle of Frost and Fire. Green and red are the main colors, white, blue and black with sparkles. The choice of two basic colors avoids contamination of the cover and is very slow. Titan of Industry is the top cover artist CNS Artifact Courier’s briefcase with Rare Tap Lands provides mana lock.

coverage MTG New Capenna The championship will be held from May 20 to 22 at 11 a.m. through the Central Tribe Shaking.

Source: Dot Esports


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