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T1 wins fourth League of Legends world title in South Korea

T1 earns a record victory in the League of Legends World Championship

South Korean powerhouse T1 defeated Chinese team Weibo Gaming on Sunday, November 19, to take a record fourth-place finish in the League of Legends World Championship, considered the Super Bowl of esports.

T1 won three games in a row in the best-of-five final, cheered on by 18,000 spectators at the Gocheok Sky Dome Stadium in Seoul.

An exciting final for a huge fan base

Legions of fans gathered in Seoul to witness the finals of the League of Legends World Championship, which has quickly become one of the jewels of the global electronic sports industry and has been valued at thousands of millions of dollars since its first edition in 2011.

Fireworks lit up the sky as T1 members lifted the trophy and the crowd shouted “T1!” chanted. As he shouted, he got into a close-range fight. T1! T1! »

Faker is a video game superstar and a true idol

“More than anything, I’m grateful to play in front of so many people,” says T1’s Faker, the gaming superstar hailed as the Michael Jordan of esports.

Faker, whose real name is Lee Sang-hyeok, has won four world championships and, at 27, is also the oldest player to win League of Legends’ top prize.

He has celebrity status in video game-crazed South Korea and is greeted by rock stars at his public exhibitions.

Important victory for T1 after a year of recovery

The victory marks a dominant reign at the World Cup for T1, a team looking to bounce back from last year’s final defeat in San Francisco.

“Right now it feels like a dream, not real,” said T1’s Keria, whose real name is Ryu Min-seok.

The audience, many dressed as League of Legends characters, attended a large ceremony ahead of the final, which included a performance by K-pop stars NewJeans.


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