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Weibo Gaming’s TheShy loses to T1 in the LoL World Championship finals

TheShy’s disappointing performance in the League of Legends World Finals

TheShy, Weibo Gaming’s top laner, had a solid performance in the 2023 edition of League of Legends Worlds. However, their performance against T1 in the final left much to be desired. Despite deploying one of his champions, Aatrox, twice, TheShy only managed one kill and five assists in the three-match series. In the last match, TheShy had trouble with Kennen. It was the first time since the LPL summer regular season that he played two games in a row with a KDA below 1.0. Before the finals, TheShy led the world rankings in solo kills, but was surpassed by T1’s Choi “Zeus” Woo-je, who won the finals MVP award. Zeus has only died four times in total and has been excellent against Gwen and Aatrox in the past two matches.

While it is possible to contribute significantly to winning a championship game without a positive relationship, three negative performances in a row certainly don’t help. The rest of the Weibo Gaming team was eliminated almost as easily; the team had only one kill in the second game. Weibo’s ADC Light didn’t score until the third game, and by then T1 was on an unstoppable wave of success.

While Weibo Gaming certainly considers qualifying for the finals a moral victory, it can’t be a good feeling to be on the losing side of one of the most lopsided World Finals in history. The five-match series ended in less than 90 minutes, and other than some early-game pressure, Weibo Gaming didn’t really seem ready to play.


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