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Twitch wants to remove initial ads

A few days ago the CEO of Nervous twitchDan Clancy, met with Ibai Llanos Apologies for the mistakes of Evening 3. A room that was also used to make some of the announcements future platform changes, including announcements and other important questions, both for creators and users.

An important point was when doubts about whether they would remove Prime were dispelled. And he also explained that it is his wish to make changes such as adding subtitles to the live show. Plus, they can be paused and resumed without getting hooked on the live, if not where we went. That leaves room for trolls, like when He joked about getting in the ring with the CEO of YouTube.

Well into the conversation, the difficult subject of announcements came up. Every user of Nervous twitch understands that advertisements are a good part of supporting the platform. While it is understandable that for every hour of broadcasting on channels to which we are not subscribed, we have to watch 5 minutes, there is a kind of ad that drives everyone crazy, like the pre-rolls.

We all love discovering new channels, but when that quick ‘zapping’ search is interrupted by the first ads, the experience is completely ruined. Dan Clancy is aware of this, but he also has one open door for removing pre-roll ads: «Ads are important to creators, but if anyone wants to take a look and the first thing you see is an advertisementand besides, he comes in and it’s time for announcements, well it can be quite annoying. We’re exploring how to minimize the impact of pre-roll ads«.

Some Twitch ads don’t have the visual impact of not being able to see the live stream, showing the various promotions on the sides and bottom of the screen, without any sound. Being a possible alternative to pre-roll ads and eliminating the ads we now know every time we enter a channel.

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