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The first candidates for the new free Colt skin

Brawl stars prepares the launch of the free Colt skin, protagonist of the new Supercell Make campaign. That has created an avalanche of proposals with more than 450 skins already delivered, many of which have huge potential to be winners.

A campaign for a free skin that only comes to silence the debate around the world exclusive skins and few seem to remember that. And besides, to deceive with the announcement of the three secret Brawl Academy skins which have been shown but about which nothing is officially known.

Since there is no general theme, all types of proposals are valid for this new free Colt skin. Futuristic, robotic, pirates, classic cinema, prehistoric, Christmas, exploiting its outlaw aspect or of course skins based on maps from Clash Royale.

Some skins stand out above others, such as similar, but not the same, as Star Lord Guardians of the universe. Hence Brawl stars could take advantage of that legal loophole to launch Colt Space Traveler, in the same way that, as a more recent case, we have Maisie Prowler with a clear nod to Furiosa from Crazy Max.

But it won’t be until next October 5 when the first phase of project delivery ends and gives way to voting. Where an initial screening is carried out with hundreds and hundreds of skins, from which the final winner of this free Colt skin will emerge.

Source: Esports Eldes Marque


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