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Grefg announces changes to the jury of the ESLAND 2024 Awards

The gala of the ESLAND Awards 2024 is already underway, and Grefg plans to fix many of the things that need improvement over previous editions, starting with the voting system and jurywhich will change again next year.

There have been barely two editions and Grefg has managed to create a very gigantic awards gala, turned into the ‘Oscars’ of streaming for the Spanish-speaking community. And what does it cost? well over a million euros for gala. Quite a social phenomenon, which also has its small shortcomings, which makes giants love it Spreen has announced that he does not want to be nominated this year.

In his quest for improvement, the Murcian asked online for help to achieve this improve the ESLAND jury. Ask who should be part of it. Receiving countless responses, both from users and the streamers themselves, with all kinds of ideas.

Many are pushing for a more hybrid system than the current 50/50 (jury/community) and state a 35% community, 35% global streamers with minimum stats to avoid trolls, and a 30% votes from the nominated streamers themselves (excluded from the previous one), and of course they don’t vote for themselves.

Others turn more finely and suggest this 35% are specialized people, who do not automatically vote for the mainstream and meritocracy is studied much more carefully. Non-nominated people who know the sector well. In short, content creators who agree in writing to be impartial and to judge based on standards agreed with the ESLAND organization. Although the most professional proposal came out a year ago Pol, bringing the ESLAND Awards closer to those of the Film Academy and other juries and awards in the sector:

  • Register as a candidate
  • More professional ‘jury’ voters
  • Voters specialized in specific categories
  • Ranked vote
  • Professional voices carry more weight than those of the public
  • Add new categories:
    • Dissemination (science, education, technology…)
    • Art (musicians, illustrators, tattoo artists…)
    • Best Advertising Campaign (for agencies and brands)
    • Better setup

Source: Esports Eldes Marque


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