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Spreen is eliminated from ESLAND 2024: ‘I don’t need prizes’

The preparation for the ESLAND Awards 2024 has already started, and as a base it will have a noticeable decline as it is absence of Spreen. The Argentine streamer has decided to distance himself from “all the toxicity” of the awards, and after taking home the Revelation Streamer of the Year award, he prefers to no longer participate.

An award that was undoubtedly strange to many, since Spreen had been a giant for years. Although these are prices that have just been born, there are still many areas to be ironed out. So Spreen, who is also one of the major absences in Minecraft Extreme 2, will not be on ESLAND either. Or at least not as a nominee. Because the guest window is not closed.

Spreen notes on his networks that he already sees the wolf’s ears when it comes to toxicity between communities, and to avoid that he prefers to get out of the way. Well, he doesn’t like the tremendous work of his other professional colleagues to be discredited because they defend their favorites tooth and nail.

Spreen’s message of peace for Grefg’s work

In the same way, he does not want this to be a message of war, but of peace. He praises the enormous work of Grefg, who admitted that the gala cost him just over a million euros. Making it clear that the idea of ​​the ESLAND Awards is barbaric. But he doesn’t feel the need to be rewarded because he knows he does his job well every day.

In other comments, he thanks the prize he received and makes it clear that these prizes help motivate streamers to keep doing things well. Or to motivate them to correct any errors. Only these prizes are not made for him at the moment.

Source: Esports Eldes Marque


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