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Xokas confesses to Ibai Llanos his dream job if he wasn’t a streamer

The night of League of Legends between top content creators like Rubius, Xokas or Ibai Llanos ended with a touch of humor, and Marvel was an indirect protagonist. Between games, some questions jumped from one to another until they maxed out what the ideal job would be for each of them if they weren’t on Twitch, and the answers are surprising.

Ibai Llanos is not particularly motivated in the Kings League this season, and his priorities change until he returns to LoL. Monday evening is the best example of this with a live show full of friends, colleagues and fun, and that produces the best anecdotes. The latter, Xokas’ dream job if he wasn’t one of the biggest stars on Twitch.

The purple platform was the reason why Xokas left his job as a video editor, and if he hadn’t left, it seems like his professional future would have gone in the same direction. The script twist is in the proper names, because when Ibai tests the Galician, he sets his sights on Marvel to jump from regular videos to the seventh art.

Xokas’ official response to his professional future in a life without Twitch is clear, concise and direct: «I would dedicate myself to video editing, and I would grow much more in post-production and special effectswith the plan to work at Marvel or somewhere else«.

@sestrada11 Ibai question answers

Ibai’s jokes about Thanos with the impact of Xokas’ reaction are another point of the experience, something that Rubius also completes. The streamer admits that if the Galician streamer worked at Marvel, it “could be cool again.” A total mix that could be reality in one of the multiverses of the Marvel cinematic universe.

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