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The first ideas for the reworking of the Club League

Brawl stars It is always in continuous evolution, and the newcomer Hipercarga is the best example of this. Distinctive elements with a great impact, which keep the flame alive. That also requires important changes such as Star competition 2.0 or the important review of the Club League that also appears on the near horizon.

Both things are priorities in a complete roadmap. Two drastic changes the game needs, based on a large part of the community. Good Brawl starsIf there is one thing that characterizes him, it is by listening to his players every day. A huge job that also requires sacrifices, such as leave the PvE rework.

The team believes that the Club League is too demanding and that much of the progress is made through club coins. A dangerous combination, which indicates that something needs to change. Not only in the gameplay itself, but also in the store.

Good old Fran ‘V’, developer of Brawl stars, launched a petition to the entire community about what changes should come in this Club League 2.0. And it didn’t take long for answers of all kinds to arrive, with many agreeing that high demand to always play, both to help the team and to avoid being kicked out of the club. And let everything go in direction a more social approach. For example, the change to only take into account the results of the best 24, allowing breaks and easing the pressure on the clubs.

  • Mission weeks are perfect
    • Many agree that a big change could happen that the entire League of Clubs was weeks full of missions. However, all the excitement of the competition would be lost.
    • A plus can be added that requires: do collective missions instead individually. Well, the x2 points when playing with a partner is completely unnecessary.
  • Competitiveness forces us to play things we don’t want to
    • Star competitions are very exciting, but we always have that feeling we get the mode or map we like the least.
  • The pressure to find a partner
    • Organizing a club is not an easy task, and neither is meeting two other teammates from the same club. However, it is almost an ‘obligation’ to earn more points this way. The social must be rewarded. But maybe not like this.
  • The last choice from the great games
    • Whoever chooses last has a great advantage at the end of the composition. Especially in the high-ranking leagues. A possible solution would be: a blind last choice in which both brawlers can be the same. Keep the rest of the round of choices and bans exactly the same.
  • Too many types of currencies
    • The store must offer better incentives that motivate people to work in the Club League. Something has to change. And some even propose eliminating club currencies, as there are too many types of economies for new players.

Source: Esports Eldes Marque


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