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Minecraft Extreme 2 is preparing its list of participants

It’s less than a week until Minecraft Extreme 2 celebrates its upcoming premiere. An edition that almost comes as a surprise to many, the second since the major restart of the event, and also in 2023. It is accompanied by changes, such as increasing the list of participants by 50%.

It looks like there’s been a lot of rain since Minecraft Extreme conquered by Shadoune. But the truth is that ‘only’ seven months have passed. And now we have this new edition of the series upon us. With a frequent return to Minecraftand while it’s never the only one among many events, there are essential series that we’d all love to see again.

And with so few days left, the guest list It’s more than ready now. The famous invitation envelopes have been sent and in the coming days the announcements of the first participants will begin to become official. An announcement that can also be made suddenly, with the presentation of the 90 participants in this Minecraft Extreme 2.

Therefore, it is only a matter of hours or days to meet the first to arrive in the series. Well, there are few, like Vicky Palami or Josepo90, who have dared to answer, even if it was in a joking tone. In this way, both the presence and the major absences remain hidden.

Minecraft Extreme 2 starts on September 25th and lasts until October 8th. 14 days of madness, tension, bonding, betrayal, but above all many, many deaths to enjoy every day. From the absurd falls to the spawn of 40 spiders to the one that refuses to die after a few days in immortal mode.

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