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The Brawl Academy skins, a failure with much controversy

Brawl stars He takes us to his university. A Brawl Academy that well remembers the aesthetics of the sequel SA samplesand that debuts with the launch of Cheerleader Rosebeing one of the 14 ‘new’ skins of this season 20.

The world of skins has always been an important part of the Supercell title. And in the near future we will have nothing less than the new free Colt skin with the Supercell Make, which will arrive in Brawlidad. And in the background we continue with the uncertainty of the debate about the possible return of exclusive skins.

It’s a part that some community members take very seriously, and this Brawl Academy has opened the door to that another debate with the ‘arrival’ of EMZ Malota. Which is nothing but one total renovation of EMZ Universitaria. Well, the team Brawl stars He wanted to give it a monstrous touch, without the simple aspect of the university character being of value.

The EMZ Malota skin maintains its price of 1000 blines or 29 gems for those who didn’t have it, and since it’s a renovation it’s of course the one that everyone who had the EMZ Universitaria skin now has. A change that not everyone liked, far from it.. Especially for the main EMZ and who had one of their favorite skins in Universitaria.

It is true that the appearance as such is much the same, with the pink shades being replaced by the lilac shades. although picking up the horns They change the skin in such a way that just as some love them, others are not convinced. And going through that change in a product you already had in your hand hasn’t been good for many.

Especially when Brawl Academy Skins They are among the worst rated in a while. Except for a Stu Athlete, which is beautiful both as a skin and in gameplay. So it may not have been one of the team’s most successful decisions.

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