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Ibai Llanos’ motivation regarding the new KOI and Gunter operation

KOI’s current status in the world of esports falls under the umbrella of privacy, but Ibai Llanos is fully excited to build the project. The publisher has been on cloud nine for weeks, looking for a jump in quality specifically for its LoL team, and its excitement is only growing. Is the Gunter operation continuing?

The current KOI scenario at the international level bears the stamp of Ibai Llanos on all his moves, but this has no direct correlation to the situation of the club. KOI’s merger with Rogue in the LEC I had brutal expectations and everything fell apart in the competitive arena after a disappointing season.

The scandal surrounding KOI payments in recent weeks has triggered theories about Ibai Llanos’ status in the equation, but the team is in the background. The publisher’s words on the subject are few, but they are all accompanied by a worrying point of delusion.

The creation of the dream team of Supa and Elyoya, who are great candidates to complete the Hunter operation, is a real possibility, but not the only possibility. This staging leaves unique moments in Ibai’s live shows, and this show on Monday is one of the most notable. It doesn’t say much, but the illusion reveals its implication: «I’m more excited about KOI, it’s an illusion (PUAF), I feel it. I’m there hot but bad«.

@julitogonzaleez I’ve always been excited #ibai #julitogonzaleez #koi #operasiongunter ♬ original audio – 🔥TWITCH CLIPS🔥

A little over a week ago, Ibai forced Gerard Piqué to talk about the KOI status for the transfer market and the phoenix returned to the fore. This feeling is a perfect blend of beautiful moments like the one between Knekro and Rubius and the creator of the tent team.

At the premiere of Rubius’ new content on Prime Video, he pressured his colleagues live for not being at the premiere… and Ibai’s response was clear. I wouldn’t even go to my sister’s wedding to attend that famous dinner with Spanish LoL players! The transfer market will speak for itself in a few weeks.

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