How to activate Riot’s two-step verification: LoL, Valorant…

RiotGames take a step forward in security, which will undoubtedly help us a lot to protect our accounts LOLwild canyon or Valorant, that took us so much effort and hours to get them where they are today. All thanks to the new multi-factor authentication, or two-step verification

This new mechanism works exactly like that of other applications or platforms, where we receive a notification or an email to confirm what we are doing, and to verify that it is indeed us. The bank account works, and it also happens in Epic Games, for example, when we log in.

With this, we strengthen the security in the event that someone gains access to our game password, without accessing our account without entering the code that only reaches our personal email. And by the way, this warns us if something like this happens at any time.

For activate this two-step verification We only need to follow a few simple steps, and by doing this it will be active for our account on the Riot Games website, in the Riot client, and also in Riot Mobile:

  • We will have to login to our riot account and access to account management.
  • We are looking for the tab Two-step verification and we send the mail.
  • We open our email associated with the Riot account and look for the email with two-factor authentication (it may be in the Spam folder).
  • In the mail we press the button Activate two-step verification

Once this is done, we don’t have to worry about the problem anymore. In addition, if we find it very difficult to enter the code every time we enter LOL or runeterra…, we have the opportunity to 30 days remember on this device, so it will only ask us monthly. Also, just in case we are very sure, we can disable option in the account management itself.

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