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Brawl Stars: Hank’s first bug a few hours after launch

The skills kit A day after his appearance in the rotation, Hank goes through the pits stream of brawl stars, all because of a bug related to its base attacks. Testing in the Training Cave reveals a bug related to the range of his attack bubble, a situation that’s easy to manage with a countdown on.

the community of brawl stars he is the first judge of the game when he has a disruptive element in the game as he is Hank the shrimp turned tank Designed to permanently change gameplay. It looks like his spectacular attack has a disproportionate range according to the footage, but the problem is that it doesn’t even deal damage.

With this bug, the attack damage indicator is not what it should be, and although it retains values ​​like the attack through walls thanks to its range, the application is not really as shown in the following video.

Brawl Stars fast response

Fortunately, the activation of brawl stars She is fast enough to act a day before the brawler is released. On the morning of this Tuesday, the game confirms a maintenance with balance changebut also with an addition to solve the mentioned problems of Hank and others regarding Willow in Ball Brawl.

Still, the shrimp will remain hidden in the training cave for another 24 hours, so it will undergo testing until its final appearance on Wednesday morning, June 7. The community has discovered the flaw and with it the fast implementation from Finland, a general work in favor of the new meta.

Source: Esports Eldes Marque


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