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Brawl Stars explains the pros and cons of 5v5 mode

The story of brawl stars In recent months, it has undergone an active reconstruction of modes, stages and projects in the user experience, but many players are pushing for the implementation of a 5v5 type of games, an open option for the development team with multiple problems to implement it. the medium term.

The second episode of ‘Time to explain’ with the main developers is an open door to the future of brawl stars waiting for the four big promises of Brawl Talk awaiting fulfillment. Thousands of questions and answers of all kinds over the next few months, and one of them is the strange adventure of including five against five in the current game system.

The requests from the community are very varied, including the creation of a 5v5 mode with the intention of breaking the current limits of brawl starsa possibility that Frank Keienburg does not completely rule out in the distant future: «It is interesting in concept and We’re not against 5v5, but it’s one of those things we’re not clear on«.

Frank himself is aware of the insistence of many players with 5v5 and defends the reasons why it is very difficult to get the new mode up and running: “It’s very complicated to do, despite what it seemswould we have to redo all the logic of the cards and the UI in the game, because today it is not allowed to unite five players in a fight«.

The comparison with the duels of Brawl Stars

Frank’s words are a wall to stop the hype, but in some ways the excuses are transferred to Brawl Stars, as in the case of duels. In this mode, the maps have also been modified to accommodate 1v1, but it is true that the equation is completely opposite to reality and as the current CEO of the game explains, 5v5 assumes «a lot of complexity and a lot of uncertainty, so it stays in the background«.

For now, the only option is to think about another type of Supercell games for 5v5 with future releases, though the dream is still alive.

Source: Esports Eldes Marque


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