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Will there be price blines? The big mistake of the June Championship Challenge

The monthly operation of the Championship Challenge of Brawl Stars Championship will change plans from June with the elimination of one of the basic rewards, and that is that suppressing the star points in the game generates a reinvention for which the game is not ready, at least that’s what Brawl Stars demonstrates with the official image of the challenge.

The June Championship Challenge presentation for this weekend between June 2 and June 4 presents all five maps and game modes in a leak with all the gameplay details, but the trophy cabinet looking for the 15 wins is still unknown. What’s the problem? The appearance of star points.

The famous pink coin of brawl stars it was removed in the latest update and is not part of the Supercell title, but for some reason in the official design of the challenge is still present the old image with the tokens and the aforementioned pink coins as seen in the main image of the news. The mistake of preserving the image without thinking about the consequences is obvious, but the question is what the substitute will be in the rewards.

The first idea is to think about the blines. The brand new coin brawl stars It is one of the most revolutionary in the history of the game and at the same time one of the most attractive for the possibilities it offers in all kinds of purchases, so it is feasible to imagine a good prize package between tokens, gold and blins for each of the game modes.

For now, the only clue to being among the best is continuity in the competition with the picks or the 15 best compositions with the strongest brawlers in the meta for each of the June Championship Challenge maps. Shelly is the most powerful fighter on most maps, so a short training session with her is one of the smartest options for meeting the challenge.

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