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Fang’s 6 best skins from the first round of the Supercell Make

The premiere of the new Supercell Make of brawl stars It is a true success in the early hours of life with a gigantic list of creations centered around Fang, a safe space awaiting the start of voting with multiple versions of the fighter. The proposal is a journey to Brawl-o-ween, the starting point of the imagination to take the brawler as far as possible.

The wave of creativity from fan-made designers who love brawl stars It starts to be available in the first hours, and in just three days there is already a huge list of versions of Fang in styles as different as the underworld, a universe of zombies or a Mortal Kombat style hideout for all kinds fighters.

Exactly one of the few requests from brawl stars is the search for a distinct style for Halloween after dropping Mortal Kombat and Kill Bill winks, some bases that the community usually adapts in its own way to make the Supercell Make a mural as colorful as it is quirky. Here are the six initial designs we liked the most while writing Esports ElDesmarque.

The 6 dates of Fang’s Supercell Make

Skin making is one of the most exclusive events for the community from all perspectives, both for the designers and the most faithful in view of the vote on June 28, one month to create and two weeks to open the dome of brawl stars to select the best one to include in the game.

  • Campaign start: May 26
  • Admission of creations: May 29
  • Deadline to send the skins: June 28
  • Start of voting: June 28
  • End of vote: July 12
  • Announcement of winners and skin: July 19

Source: Esports Eldes Marque


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