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Brawl Stars: Rain of Coins and Reward of Mother’s Challenge

Mother’s Day celebrations have been postponed for a few weeks brawl stars presenting this weekend’s special challenge, a simple nine-card challenge with Eve as the protagonist and a truckload of all kinds of rewards. with gold, remaincredits, strengths and emotes, Eve’s challenge walk is a must for all gamers.

brawl stars settles into the easy challenges to nine cards with unlimited lives to jump from one game mode to another without the risk of other occasions, a virtue where the difficulty fits the repetition or the choices of each brawler. Eve’s amorous response is the biggest prize of the bunch, but there’s so much more to every win.

As for the rewards of the Mother’s Challenge, they are divided into the three game modes as follows:

  • knockout: 100 gold coins, 50 power points and a Belle in love emote.
  • fight ball: 50 credits, 200 tokens and a Pam emote in love.
  • gem catcher: 200 gold coins, 50 blines and 50 color credits.
  • ultimate price: Eva’s amorous reaction.

brawl stars It maintains the system of recent weeks with the implementation of unlimited lives for all games, better access for players that facilitates the delivery of prizes, vice and tests with different brawlers in each of the game modes.

Coin rain activated

brawl stars From Friday, take the opportunity to turn on the hype button with the rain of coins, the usual multiplier to increase the rewards of each of the games. This process usually only lasts for the weekend, so it will be the goddamn support for all the newly released moms challenges.

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