League of Legends in real life.

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If you thought that characters and keychains were about all you could see of LoL in the real world, you were wrong.

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There are people (I know quite a few) who somehow mix the real world with the virtual, or when they finally break away from the computer, their mind still lingers in it. There are also those who cannot live without their beloved game or character. Today we will tell each other about such more serious cases, as well as about “ordinary” people / players who transfer the virtual world of League of Legends to reality.

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LoL in real life

We are used to seeing cosplayers at various events, maybe we will see them somewhere on the street. One of our friends might have a LoL character. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg to let our beloved Riot game blend into our hectic everyday lives.


We start with one of the most popular things, which is the tattoo. There are many interesting shapes on the internet and I have to admit that I came across Jhin’s picture the most

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Characterization doesn’t just happen in cosplay. Some people wear hairstyles like a LoL character without even knowing it.

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Speaking of agreements…

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Do you remember the case of the Lucian skin that looks like Edgar Davids?

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Riot doesn’t see a dime from the Striker Lucian* skin. Row? Too much like a soccer player!

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Another aspect is number plates, it is not about their color or pattern, but about the inscriptions on them.

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Car sticker

If decorating the bowl with LoL isn’t enough, you can always do it with the car.

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Who said only cars


For some it’s vandalism, for others it’s art. No matter how you look at it, it adds charm to the gray walls (just to be clear, I’m not talking about writing out club names, some weird lines, etc.).

League of Legends in real life

interior decorations

Namely, we enter from the mansion wallpapers and images with a LoL theme.


We go to the dressing room. We start with hats to sweatshirts to shoes. I want to point out right away that you won’t find the famous Teemo hat here.

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Summoner’s Rift live

Remember when I wrote about LoL characters? You can say we have one here, but it’s a normal size.

League of Legends in real life

In 2015, a 9 meter high red tower was built in São Paulo (Brazil). Unfortunately only available on weekends.


The main attraction of the World 2017 Finals opening ceremony, the elder dragon descending on the stage. Don’t be fooled, it was 100% real.

Of course, these are just examples of League of Legends elements seeping into reality.

What else would you add?

League of Legends in real life

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