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Brawl Stars announces ‘Time to Explain’, a new Brawl Talk 2.0

If you are known for something brawl stars it is to be constant as close to the community as possible. Sometimes with more or less success, as is logical for a limited development team. And with that idea in mind, he debuts one new Brawl Talk 2.0 called Time to Explain.

Time to Explain is a podcast, intended to be released bi-monthly, that will serve as a community connection to answer questions about brawl stars. Everything that does not give time in a Brawl Talk, but answer direct questions on things that can be improved or that cause direct discomfort to some players.

There are few games that not only care so much about their community, but always let them participate. To the extent that many ideas for brawlers, skills, game modes or other elements such as events or the Brawl Pass itself were born from the networks until their development was feasible. But that all tastes like little for a team that is very involved in theirs.

Of course, it is impossible to answer hundreds or thousands of questions, so before asking the same thing 40 times, it is important that we pay attention to the answers on social networks and that we like the questions that we consider most appropriate. Well, that’s the only line within this Age’s action plan to explain:

  • Questions with more likes/upvotes have a higher chance of being answered
  • You can ask in any language
  • The first episode will be broadcast in mid-April!
  • This is just a test, so let’s see how it goes, but our intention is to make it bimonthly

Despite having the Brawl Talk, where the news is announced, and the sneak peeks for the content creators, expanding on all that information, there are a lot of questions that years Dani Medeiros (CM) and Frank Keienburg himself (development leader). Something that will surely stay that way, but with the addition of this new podcast from brawl stars.

Source: Esports Eldes Marque


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