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League of Legends Pre-Season 2023 is now available with version 12.22.

Players can now try out the jungle changes, new items, improved game coordination and the new Techno-Chemistry Dragon.

Another year players can now start testing the changes that Riot Games is preparing for the League of Legends preseason. In the event of the 2023 pre-season, version 12.22 brings several major changes to the jungle, in-game coordination, new objects and more. The Chem-Tech Dragon returns with a new design and theme. In this new version, killing the Techno-Chemical Dragon gives players more stamina and more healing and shields. The Chemtech Soul gives players bonus damage and damage reduction when their health is below a certain amount. This time on the map, the Chemtech Rift contains Zaunite chemicals that mutate jungle plants in various ways:

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• Exploding Pineapples: These plants now start twice as far.
• Honey Fruit: No longer slows down when consumed. In addition, they will also award a small extra shield.
• Stalker’s Flower: This plant now grants line-of-sight movement speed, reveals an additional circular area around the plant, and reduces the health of revealed compartments.

On the other hand, the role that has seen the most changes from Riot this preseason is Jungle:

• Jungle Pets – Traditional jungle items have been replaced with new pets that will evolve as the game progresses. Players can level up their new friends by giving them rewards earned through champion and monster kills, as well as time.

1 salamander: defensive option; Gives a shield and toughness.
2 Fox: mobility option; provides utility and movement speed.
3 cat: aggressive option; allow delays and bonus damage.

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• Camp Range Indicators: To make the jungle less scary for players hesitant in this role, visual indicators have been added that show how far camps can be pushed before they lose interest in you.

• Recommended Path Options: Each champion will now receive jungle path recommendations for their first open camp to help new players avoid getting lost in this role. These paths are based on data we have collected from jungles around the world with their masters of mastery. They are based on the routes that most lead these players to victory.

League of Legends Pre-Season 2023 is now available with version 12.22

As for the in-game communication system, Riot has added several tools to allow players to better coordinate on the map. More alert types can now be used and summoners have a target voting system. All changes for the 2023 Preseason can be seen in the League of Legends 12.22 Patch Notes.

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