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PermadeaZ 2: full list of participants, go back to Project Zomboid

Permadeaz Chapter 2 it is already more than ready and prepared to start in the afternoon of this next one April 1st. The return to Knox County to try and survive the myriad dangers during an entire week of suffering for all.

Project Zomboid is on everyone’s lips again, because a huge and fantastic update is expected at the end of the year with the arrival of NPCs, cellars, a sewage system and even animals to hunt (and be careful with). In addition to various improvements of all kinds to what is already known.

That’s why this PermadeaZ 2 has moved forward this month of April, with a fantastic cast of contestants, where they are obviously worth repeating Zorman, Menostrece, Sannset, Nia and Agent Maxo as survivors of the first edition.

A total of 30 participating streamers and in which last year’s survivors are not the only ones who repeat, as some like Xokas, Paracetamor or Rubius also do it, among many other novelties that add to this madness of survival in Louisville and the surrounding area.

All PermadeaZ Chapter 2 participants
  1. Officer Maxo
  2. August table212
  3. Alexby
  4. Alexuni
  5. BaityBait
  6. Carol
  7. cristini
  8. elbokeron
  9. Fahkies
  10. FrigoAdri
  11. giant TV
  12. Illo Juan
  13. Kenai V. Souza
  14. Lunaria
  15. belittles
  16. nashha
  17. girl
  18. paracetamor
  19. PochiPoom
  20. Ronie_6
  21. Rubius
  22. Sannset
  23. Mr. Amilcar
  24. MrSnake
  25. Tae Schnee
  26. Thania92
  27. xokas
  28. You too
  29. Silverk
  30. Zoman

There was hope that the server would receive many more participants, the limitations (such as bugs when moving a certain number of vehicles at the same time) led to everything remaining at 30 in the end. A more than acceptable number and that guarantees us the show during the week long PermadeaZ Chapter 2.

Who manages to survive this time and maybe earn a spot for PermadeaZ Chapter 3? Will Nia, Zorman, Menostrece, AgenteMaxo and Sannset repeat this feat? There is less to discover.

Source: Esports Eldes Marque


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