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Brawl Stars: RT’s blocked ability with his super

brawl stars He welcomed his new chromatic fighter a few weeks ago, RTbut only on these dates do mortals, based on dedication and effort, reach that level 30 to unlock it through the Brawl Pass or through the improbable saving of chromatic credits.

And it is now when the majority of users are testing RT, they realize a problem with their super. Something that was neither announced nor unannounced, but that part of the community could suspect could happen, when it is not true.

When casting his super, English Hideout, RT splits into two, spreading his legs and body apart, dealing double damage in one area or two separate areas, while also gaining increased movement speed. So far so good, nothing new under the sun.

The problem with the RT super in Brawl Stars

And in that separation of bodies and legs, RT gains buoyancy. However, it is no more than something visualWell, far from what some suspected when they saw the first gameplays, cannot float over areas of water like Eve does.

It’s only been a year since the alien fighter arrived with that new never-before-seen mechanic, and it was a good time for a second fighter to also possess that ability, at least only during his super-transformation.

But the team’s idea of brawl stars It’s very different, and other than a massive buff the character receives, which he won’t need unless his damage stats are destroyed to compensate, we won’t actually see the good Chromatic fighter floating as he seems to do every time he splits with his English hideout.

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