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Kings League: keys and clauses of the transfer market for the 2nd split

The first season of the king’s competition This Sunday, March 19, he experienced one of his most important days: the end of the regular season and knowing who will be the eight teams that will compete in the playoffs for the Last four of Camp Nou.

A great final that will declare the first champion in history of a competition that has started to break all schedules. But after that comes a moment of pause, destined for one transfer market with max 1200 million euros budget for the teams.

Well, while there are teams that have come together perfectly, others will try to renew themselves almost completely. And while on the one hand they can pull the design to make changes, the windows of the transfer market They are a great opportunity to fish for some of the most established cracks in this Kings League.

Rules and keys of the Kings League transfer market
  • Every team has Budget 100 million initial.
  • Every team has 300 million for termination clauses.
    • There is no maximum clause per player, within the limit.
    • The minimum is 1 million per player.
    • If the president does not present the data in time, the clause for the 10 players will be 30 million.
    • If a clause is paid, the player cannot decide to stay with his club of origin. But if he receives two or more clauses, he will choose which purchasing team to go to.
  • Al the transfers become official in the different live shows and the offers are divided into four market windows different.
    • The first window is for clauses only.
    • That same night, after confirmation of the first clauses, the second window for negotiations and clauses opens for a week.
      • Two teams can freely negotiate a player, offer money or include players in the deal.
      • After that, both teams must report the signing as soon as possible.
      • If a clause comes in between sending the first and second e-mails to the League of Presidents confirming a sale, the second will prevail over the accepted offer.
    • The next right away, the second window closes, they make the transfers official, and the third window opens for another week. And the same will happen in the third instant, with one week to go.
    • In the fourth direct, the market is closed.
      • If there is a clause in the last minutes of the market, the selling team gets an extra 15 minutes per player sold to sign other players with that extra money.
      • If another clause is paid in those 15 extra minutes, the new selling team also gets an additional 15 minutes per lost player, and so on.
Budget after the transfer market

Once the transfer market is over, every team has to will use the remaining budget for various expenses during the 2nd split of the Royal League. For example, this is where the money comes from for the sanctions to presidents. In addition, they will be able to buy secret letters every weekand, for example, having a penalty kick advantage or having a No. 13 player before an important day.

Source: Esports Eldes Marque


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