Brawl Stars: stellar skins will keep coming back… for gems

In this season 17 of brawl starsMystery in Starr Park, we’re surprised to have more skins than expected, with the return of Bo Wasp to the stellar skins store, to the confusion of many users.

This skin was exclusive to last Season 10, as long as we met the Biodome’s associated Star League requirement. So this movement has caught many without expecting it in any way.

However, brawl stars He already warned about it a year ago, when he warned in Brawl Talk itself that the season skins, the Brawl Pass or the Star League from then on (with no influence on previous skins) would no longer be exclusive after a time has passed.

Today, exactly one year later, that moment has arrived and we can enjoy Bo Avispa and buy it with star points, but not all star skins returns will be like this, and in the future they can be bought with gems. That was the original idea, which they have not applied on this occasion, as explained by Dani Medeiros, Community Manager of brawl stars.

Of course, the exclusive skins of the Brawl Pass and of the season, it is more obvious that they will return in the future via gems. However, this also affects star skins, which at the moment the only way to obtain them is to wait for the star store rotation and spend star points.

It will be necessary to see how it adapts to the economy of the game and what prizes they have for each other, whether they will all have the same, or whether the first return of each of them will be that great points disappear the next season and return in the form of gems. At the moment there is no detailed explanation, but if in doubt, it is better to buy the star skins in time to avoid wasting gems.

Source: Esports Eldes Marque


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