Kings League live: results, goals and standings of day 11

The moment many of them have been waiting for and dreading king’s competition, celebrating the eleventh and final day of the regular phase of this championship’s inaugural season. The one who will decide which teams go to the playoffs and therefore will fight to be in the Last four of Camp Nou.

Eight teams advance to the round and four can already think about the next season, perhaps their first steps in one transfer market that will move 1200 million euros divided among the 12 teams.

Results from Day 11 of the Kings League

The madness of the tenth day in which all favorites are lost leaves everything open on this day. Saiyans and Móstoles know they are a playoff team, but they won’t want to click to establish themselves at the top, while XBUYER, 1K, Annihiladores and PIO will battle for the only two spots remain virtual Although Porcinos, Troncos, Kunisports and Barrio have to secure their spot, despite having 99% math options.

Jijantes FC (Gerard Romero) in return for Los Troncos F.C. (Perxitaa)

1K FC (slots) in return for Ultimate Mostoles (DjMaRiiO)

Pigs FC (Ibai) in return for The Neighborhood (Adri Contreras)

XBUYER TEAM (Buyer Brothers) in return for Saiyans FC (Grefg)

Lightning of Barcelona (Spursito) in return for Kunisports (Kun Aguero)

PIO FC (Rivers) in return for Destroyers (JuansGuarnizo)

Kings League table after matchday 11
  1. Ultimate Mostoles (DjMaRiiO) – 7-3 (+6)
  2. Saiyans FC (Grefg) – 7-3 (+4)
  3. Pigs FC (Ibai) – 6-4 (+9)
  4. Los Troncos F.C. (Perxitaa) – 6-4 (+2)
  5. Kunisports (Kun Aguero) – 6-4 (-2)
  6. The Neighborhood (Adri Contreras) – 5-5 (+10)
  7. XBUYER TEAM (Buyer Brothers) –5-5 (-1)
  8. 1K FC (slots)–5-5 (-1)
  9. Destroyers (JuansGuarnizo) –5-5 (-4)
  10. PIO FC (Rivers) 4-6 (+1)
  11. Lightning of Barcelona (Spursito) –3-7 (-10)
  12. Jijantes FC (Gerard Romero) –1-9 (-14)

Source: Esports Eldes Marque


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