Supercell: The arrival of RogueBranch, his new game for 2023, has been filtered

super cell is more than known for its continuous expansion and its numerous attempts to continue creating high-profile titles, such as clash of clans, royal clash or brawl stars. And it seems that they already have the arrival of their new game ready for this 2023: RogueBranch.

We are still waiting to see what happens and when is the release coming Squadbusterswho merged the multiverse of Brawl, collision And Hay day. The closed beta was a huge success and the general feeling was that we were in front of a game that was pretty much finished and ready for anyone to play. So it can come very soon.

But Supercell’s plans are ambitious, and they already announced that in that announced expansion to PC and console games Five new games are being developed viz Squadbusters the most advanced until that moment.

But before that, more than three months ago, it hadn’t been long before it leaked that Supercell was working on a new game Rogue as a code name. Little or nothing was known at the time. Until this Saturday, good old Anikilo uploaded a new video showing the screen of his cellphone while holding the rogue branch icon.

A leak that can only mean one thing, and that is that if the content creators already have access to the game, to a limited extent or not, it clearly indicates that Supercell could will be announcing the RogueBranch Closed Beta very soon, if this is ultimately the title’s official name. And of course probably to countries like Canada or Finland.

So for now, we’re waiting to find out more about this game, which has a lot of toilet paper as its icon, keeping the hype at a decent level until we find out what the Finnish company is up to.

Source: Esports Eldes Marque


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