Brawl Stars: All Free Rewards from March Monthly Finals

The Brawl Stars Championship 2023 continues with the second of the great stops of the year, such as the monthly March finale scheduled for this coming weekend. Another great event to enter receive another series of rewards.

With someone else new exclusive emote As a final prize, we can again get small amounts of tokens, star points and coins along the way. And all that effortlessly indoors brawl starsas it will be enough for us to get these awards follow the match live.

Each of the regions takes place at a different time and day during the weekend, and each of them offers the same opportunity to earn points and achieve these rewards. If? Well, with the modus operandi of guessing match predictions, taking part in live shows, answering some random questions during breaks or simply voting for the MVP of each game.

To do this, all we have to do is go to the official championship website, register with our Supercell ID and enjoy live each of the monthly finals in March. Maybe our own region is not good for us because of work or study hours… but we can probably follow another final without any problems.

For this occasion, the points streak continues from 1000, so if you missed part or all of the Monthly Finals in February, you will have to climb from zero, or from the point you reached, while at the same time getting the rewards of said Monthly Finals, and from there start getting the new ones scheduled for this month of March:

  • 1100 points – 5 coins
  • 1200 points – 5 star points
  • 1300 points – 5 tokens
  • 1400 points – 10 coins
  • 1500 points – 10 star points
  • 1600 points – 10 tokens
  • 1700 points – 25 coins
  • 1800 points – 50 star points
  • 1900 points – 100 chips
  • 2000 points – Reaction

Source: Esports Eldes Marque


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