Parent Games: The new event that the parents of the streamers will play

A new event arrives in the universe of Minecraft by the hand of Komanche, Older games. On this occasion, the protagonists will not be the streamers we are used to seeing, but their parents. The content creators will compete with their relatives for a major economic figure, $10,000.

While that’s true Komanche clarified that other types of relatives, such as uncles or grandparents, can participate, the event will be called Parent Games. Another question the content creator has resolved is whether streamers who are already parents can participate with their children. Komanche has said via a tweet that “there are many streamers whose parents want to play, but this tournament cannot be played by streamers. It is mandatory that their fathers or mothers play it. In summary, the purpose of the event watch relatives play and have no idea Minecraft.

Comanche The goal is to unite families to create content never seen before on the platform and bring a new twist to the new event. The streamer was also one of those responsible for creating the famous series of Squid gamesso you already have extensive experience in creating within the world of Minecraft.

At the moment we know that The tournament will take place in the month of May and 30 families will participate. It will not be a long-lasting event, because for this we already have the entire series of Project 176 on Twitch. All that remains is to wait for Komanche himself to name the guests and enjoy an event that has never been seen on the platform.

Source: Esports Eldes Marque


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