Fortnite: The new location that would unleash the Attack on Titan event

Chapter 4 – Season 2 of Fortnite there is massive chaos (in the best sense), and the madness has yet to be unleashed when the titans are released and start the era of shingeki no kyojinwhich emphasizes the arrival of the desired skin.

a Honor skin we have to wait for for a while yet, as we did in the past with the aspects of Indiana Jones or Geralt de Rivia in the most recent cases. Although with a greater intrigue that will increase the hype even more if possible, as it will be accompanied by new elements such as the 3D maneuver team which allows you to move all over the map, like in the past with the hook gauntlet or Spider-Man’s web sling.

And all of this may start with a great event. That although it could do without live films, it would be an event on the island itself, which already seems to have been transformed with the arrival of a new attraction in Fortnite called marine monoliths or marine monoliths.

This landmark, located between Kenjutsu crossing and the island of isolated village, confuses a lot about what it represents, but leaves several clues along the way. The first of these is that the internal file of the place’s ambient sound is called Ambience Japan Artist Collab Landmark (Art Collaboration Japanese Mood Point).

That ‘collaboration’ has released all alarms. And maybe it’s the imagination of a few crazy people (which very rarely fail, it must be said), but several content creators associate the ambient sound of this place with the fluids from a spinal cordnext to the bony aspect of the monoliths.

There is little clarity about the importance of cerebrospinal fluid and the spinal cord itself Attack on Titan, leading many to believe that this venue will continue to be transformed to host the event, or serve as a showcase for Eren’s skin set. Since this particular location too serves as a key to hide a backpack accessory, hang glider and pickaxe associated with Marine Monoliths.

Source: Esports Eldes Marque


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