Brawl Stars sheds light on the future change to permanent modes

With the start of season 17 of brawl starsMystery in Starr Park, both Duels like Brawloncesto became permanent modes. Which keeps them in a hole all season, alternating with each other on a daily basis, but without securing their future in future seasons.

brawl stars already warned that this hole is called a new permanent space community eventsand in that, we as a community will have a lot of voice to dictate which game modes will enter this space at each change of seasons.

Duels and Brawloncesto were chosen first, but maybe they will join next season Volleyball and trophy theftor maybe Destruction and cargo. Everything is up in the air, but it will be resolved very soon.

Content creator Soba went to the boss of brawl starsFrank Keienburg, for the avoidance of doubt, to which he replied that a survey will be launched in the last week of March or 1 Aprilso the community can decide which modes to return.

Of course we, the users, will not have all the power, but we can choose from the selection that brawl stars decide sooner. Therefore, as with other previous voices, Duels and Brawloncesto may be in the vote, only Volleybrawl and Cargo are in (for example). The two modes with the highest percentage of votes are the ones occupying that slot in Season 18.

Though at this point these are all just assumptions based on the title’s usual modus operandi with respect to its community. It will have to wait a few weeks for the arrival of that survey, which will change the new permanent modes for the upcoming season.

Source: Esports Eldes Marque


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