Celebrate the anniversary of League of Legends: Wild Rift during Patch 3.4: Feast of Might.

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Eichendorff, “Good for Nothing” – Contents, Key Quotes and the Question of Meaning for Us Today

Riot Games has shared a preview of all the content that version 3.4 of League of Legends: Wild Rift, Party of Might will bring.

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● Gwen, the devoted seamstress, travels to the upper level to enjoy life.
● Yone the Immortal returns from the realm of spirits as a top and mid lane melee fighter.
● Vex the Grim arrives in mid lane looking like she’s sucking lemons. Accompanied by her fear and her friend Shadow, Vex is a Jew full of combinations, sarcasm and negativity.
● Warwick, Zaun’s Uncontrolled Wrath, is a melee jungler that excels at stalking low-health enemies.

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Riot is revamping the AP item system, making changes to items like Liandry’s Torment and new stuff like Cosmic Rush. There are also two new starting support items: Spectral Sickle and Relic Shield, each focusing on offensive and defensive abilities. Both items give up to three charges that you can use for rail pressure and gold if you have an ally nearby. Some supporting enchantments will also be added and improved.
● Riftcreator: grants omnipotence and gains a stack while battling champions. Each stack increases the damage dealt, and at max stacks that extra damage is converted to true damage.
● Serpent’s Fang: This item is straight out of League of Legends for PC as an anti-shield option for DA Assassins. It works just like its PC counterpart, so it’s more effective on melee champions, and serves to reduce the effectiveness of current and future shields for a short time after Serpentfang’s user hits a target. hostile champion.
● Imperial Mandate: Similar to the PC version, this item deals additional damage and marks enemy champions, slowing or immobilizing them. Allies can use the marks to deal extra damage and increase movement speed.
● Cosmic Onslaught: Active skills and powerful attacks grant bonus moves and skill speed after damaging an enemy champion. This extra movement speed decreases over time. Cosmic Rush’s other passive ability, Hyperdrive, also grants movement speed.
● Relic Shield: After collecting gold with this item, it transforms into Targon’s Buckler. If they are near an allied champion, abilities and attacks take a charge to kill minions below a certain percentage of max health. Killing a minion grants both the user and a nearby ally a percentage of the gold and heals the user. This effect loads.
● Spectral Crescent: Grants attack damage or ability power (customizable). Attacks and damaging abilities against champions or structures gain gold while near an allied champion. This effect charges every second. When you have earned enough gold from this item, it will change into Harrowing’s Crescent.
● Meteor Spell: Illuminates an area, then summons a meteor that deals magic damage a percentage of each enemy’s maximum health.
● Protection Spell: Increases the power of the next heal or shield used by the wearer. Does not affect heals or shields from items or runes.

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DUEL mode
We’re exploring a new 1v1 game mode never seen before in Wild Rift. Line up at the Howling Abyss for a single player PvP match.


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Regardless of your level, we hope the season is going well and you’re looking forward to participating in Season 7. We’ve followed the legendary queue and have some updates to look forward to. Difficult players rely on their teammates to play against the champions they do best, so we’re adding a new way to access Legendary Queue based on your Champion Mastery. This forces you to only pick champions you have a high enough mastery for. If you want to play against a new champion, you need to have some experience with it in the other ranks. With the arrival of the next season comes a glorious new champion. He is the embodiment of self-love… or egocentricity? Glorious Crimson Draven comes in Ranked Season 7. You can get it in Season Rewards from October.

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We’ve changed the way you progress and get Wild Pass rewards.
The Bonus Rewards section is now the Wild Pass Emporium. Progression ranges from 51 levels to 75, but you can get the rewards in any order. Earning enough Emporium rewards will earn you a Wild Pass skin boost.

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There are also two new ways to gain experience. A set of easy, repeatable missions are available to all players, providing Wild Pass experience to play. These missions are limited and reset weekly, so you only progress through play.

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New seasonal missions will be added for the Elite Pass so you can get the rewards you want from the Trade Center.

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Finally, those who purchase the pass with the Elite Pass will receive a level 1 random skin chest, but instead of a random skin, you can limit the options to a single role: Top, Mid, Jungle, Duo or Support.

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And now the moment you’ve been waiting for has arrived! Destroy the villains’ plans in this season’s Wild Pass! Superhero Jayce is ready to scale and fight the skyscrapers. Reach level 50 of the Wild Pass to unlock it. Earn the Ascended Superhero Jayce skin by playing and claim it in the Wild Pass Emporium.

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Many events are planned for this patch, such as The Coming of Yone. We welcome the Spirit Swordsman with new missions and rewards. After that we will have a busy October, which will start with a fierce battle between experienced fighters. For honor and victory, you must choose sides and participate in an epic martial arts tournament in the Ultimate Cells event. In this rest mode, you can train your fighter so that he can participate in the tournament and get rewards even if you can’t play a few matches every day. Like the tournament fighters, we have trained and studied how Wild Rift works over the years. With everything we’ve learned, we want to honor our players by giving out free rewards during the Might Fest. Thank you for your feedback, epic smash raids, 1v5 comebacks, mondo backdoors, and your dedication and passion for Wild Rift over the past two years. Thanks for playing and joining this wild adventure. Finally making way for the Vex Cavalcade… I mean… the Haunted Vex Bingo event. Having fun playing bingo to greet our gloomy yordle with what he loves most in the world: a smile. ASPECTS
● Space Wave Gwen
● Vex tracked down
● Morgana hunted
● Haunted House Miss Fortune
● Ken martial arts tournament
● Set Martial Arts Tournament
● Zed Martial Arts Tournament
● Glorious Crimson Draven (Season 7 Reward)
● Superhero Jayce and promoted Superhero Jayce (Wild Pass)
● Old God Warwick
● Yone Crystal Rose

Celebrate the anniversary of League of Legends: Wild Rift during Patch 3.4: Feast of Might

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