Kings League: the new letter starring the presidents

Once again, the Kings League surprise us once again during their highly anticipated Chup Chup with the addition of a new letter for matchday 5. It seems that Piqué never tires of giving bombastic news about the league fixtures following the announcement that the final will be played in the Spotify Camp Nou, and this time it has arrived with a new trick in hand: the presidential penalty card.

Only two games of the next day will have the availability to use this new letter according to the rules Piqué gave during the live: “This letter is only available for the presidents who are physically in the port of Barcelona. That they are both and that they both accept. At any point during the match, they will leave the booth already dressed in their respective club’s kit.

The gatherings where we can enjoy this new menu are the Saiyans FC against El Barrio and Jijantes FC against Porcinos FC. Therefore, the fifth day of the Kings League could be something to remember forever as we see Ibai, Gerard Romero, Adri Contreras or TheGrefg take a penalty himself in their respective matches. And let’s not forget, we’d also see them dressed in their full gear.

Piqué, following the previous and mysterious announcement on his Twitter account about the arrival of a letter that would change everything, opened a poll during the Chup Chup to see if people agreed with this new addition. The result was positive with 64.6% of the vote and we can’t wait for the fifth day to start and see the presidents dressed in shorts.

Source: Esports Eldes Marque


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