Extreme Minecraft: dates, times and where to watch the final

Minecraft Extreme is nearing its end. After the days of hiatus to equip the contestants so they could attend the ESLAND Awards gala, the series comes to an end with a battle royale that will last two days, on February 6 and 7. It’s time to say goodbye to the beloved alarm that announced the activation of pvp mode and the appearance of poisonous spiders when we least expected it.

We also know the list of all participants who will play this beautiful final. After more deaths than expected in the first days, there are 39 content creators who survived to the endmost have only one life left.

The series has announced several formats, but in the end the previous semi-finals have been excluded. The final can be seen on February 6 and 7 on all channels of the participants who are still alive and will have a battle royale format. In addition, it is not excluded that some of the most relevant streamers will get together during the series to cast it on one of their channels.

Auron announced that a very important part of the award is a invitation to the second edition of the Squid Craft Game if the winner is not yet one of the participants. The good thing about this is that the fans will have little time to mourn as there is very little left for the Squid to take over as the Minecraft Miniseries of the Year.

Source: Esports Eldes Marque


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